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Allow Us to Introduce Ourselves

We, at Norcino, are a small group of passionate people, committed to bringing to you the highest quality of Italian foods, and supporting the organic farms that produce them. To make sure you always get the best, we personally travel around the Italian countryside, and work closely with some of the most highly specialized farmers of the area to select the finest goods of every season. At Norcino, we constantly find new ways to combine our skills in fine dining, sales and business, to offer you a truly complete food experience. Our goal is to let Italian cuisine into your lives and homes, and do what our Italian friends know how to do best: bring people together through their shared love for food.



All our recipes are based on seasonal ingredients from our shop, and we work tirelessly to come up with new, exciting ways to combine them, so that you’re not only pleasantly surprised every time you eat at Norcino, but also inspired to cook something exciting at home.




Frederiksborggade 21
1360 København

+45 61 51 40 50


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